Homes Sell 30%-60% Faster

Sharper Images Can Increase Sales By Up To 31%

Buyers Spend 60% Of Their Time Looking At Listing Photos

Access To Aerial Photography

Market Yourself – 70% Of Buyers Find Their Agents Online

Homes Sell Up To 39% Closer To The Listing Price

Capture Wider Angles For Smaller Spaces

Profession Photos Garner 61% More Online Views

83% Of Buyers Say Professional Photos Are “Very Useful”

Show Your Clients That You Care

34 North provides personal, friendly service geared towards helping clients! Our Real Estate Photography Packages start at just $125. That price includes interior and exterior photos of your listing. Plus all real estate photos are fully edited in Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop and delivered straight to your email via a DropBox link in 24 to 48 hours. Let us help you promote your online listing!


  • Call, Text, or Email us your new listing
  • We'll email you a written estimate; Real Estate Photography starts at $125
  • We will respond with a list of times/dates based on schedule and weather
  • You can meet us at the property, or we will meet directly with your clients
  • We will provide 30+ fully edited photos of your listing via DropBox
  • Add 10 Aerial Photos to any session for $25
  • Add a "Sneak Peak" Video to any session for $100
  • 24-48 Hour turn around on all Real Estate Photography projects
  • If your not satisfied, we will refund your payment right away

34 North Marketing Guarantee

Real Estate Photography

34 North uses a trusted process that will make you and your listing look exceptional! Your listings will stand out with bright, crisp, and realistic representations of the properties. We use HDR or High Dynamic Range Photography to capture the best lighting condition of your property. HDR photos are captured by taking multiple photos of the same scene, each at different shutter speeds. The result is a bright, medium, and dark photo, based on the amount of light that got through the lens. In post processing, we will take each of these exposures and combine them to create your blended photo. From there we will make upwards of 10 adjustments; tweaking the white balance, lighting, contrast, saturation, clarity, sharpness, perspective, and more. We will also clean up distracting spots, lamp cords or other items that can take away from the photo. Cloudy day...No problem, we can replace the sky to make your property look its best!
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Real Estate Video

At 34 North, we can provide full feature videos of your listing, complete with background music, titles, graphics, and closing card with the real estate agents contact information. Our full feature videos are typically 2-3 minutes in length and will highlight your entire listing. Our full feature real estate videos start at $250. We can also add "Sneak Peak" videos to any listing for just $100. Our Sneak Peak videos are approximately 30 seconds in length and typically highlight 2 or 3 main features of the home, giving the viewer a short glimpse of what they can expect to find at your property. These sneak peak real estate videos are perfect for social media or linking to your online listing!
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Examples Of Our Real Estate Videos

Take Your Own Photos, But Don't Like To Edit...

At 34 North, our digital photo editing process takes a special approach with every real estate agent and photographer we work with. We understand the important role of photo retouching in real estate photography and we do our best to help you boost your listings with exceptional photos. Over the years, we have worked with dozens of real estate agencies, and we understand how important it is to represent your client’s property in a classy and stylish manner. That’s why we work on your photos until you are 100% satisfied with the finished photos.
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Real Estate Photography Editing & Photo Retouching Packages

    Bring your photos to life with our Pro Editing Plan. Reveal your properties best features by highlighting them with stunning photographs.
    Basic Color Correction
    White Balance Adjustment
    Exposure Enhancement
    Image Sharpening
    Contrast & Light Adjustments
    Clarity, Noise, & Blur Reduction
    Perspective Alignment
    Cropping & Resizing
    Spot Removal
    Sky Enhancement
    Color & Vibrancy Enhancement
    This package will take your listing to the next level with sky replacement, image enhancement, and object removal. Easy delivery, friendly service, and quick turn around will get your listed on top, hassle free!
    All PRO Corrections +
    Lawn Retouching
    Adding Fire To Fireplaces
    Outdoor Sky Replacement
    "Blueing" Pools, Lakes, Rivers, & Oceans
    Flash Removal
    Reflection Removal (mirrors/windows)
    Small Object Removal
    HDR Photo Editing
    Mask Together Multiple Exposures
    Window Retouching

Pro Editing Example

Advanced Editing Example