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34 North was founded in Lavonia, Georgia by Jesse Williams.  Jesse has been building websites for over a decade, working with dozens of businesses across the Southeastern United States.  Over years of working closely with dozens of clients, we saw a huge opportunity in providing personalized design service while also offering the best monthly support plan for WordPress.

From early on we wanted to highlight our differentiating factor with 34 North. There are a ton of other Designers, Real Estate Photographers, and WordPress maintenance companies out there, so why choose us?

The answer became clear as we started our journey. We gained clients and learned every step of the way how can we provide a superior service. Our edge became obvious after talking with our clients. They loved working with us, they loved the way we manage our tasks, and they loved our responsiveness. We knew we had something that most other companies do not, we had a process that people trusted.  We work on a personal level and invest ourselves into your business every step of the way to help grow your company.

From that day on, we decided our focus would be on continually perfecting our process in order to keep response times low and customer satisfaction high. Whether we are working on Real Estate Photography with an agent, developing and designing your new eCommerce Website, or whether we are maintaining and growing your WordPress website through our monthly program, we provide clients with the best support and care that you can find in the marketplace

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