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Additional Information

Our Ecommerce Website Template has been created to handle smaller stores that are just getting started in the Ecom space.  This website template is great for boutiques, consultants, artists, and handcrafted local shops.  This template is designed to provide a low-cost opportunity to get started selling online.  An elegant design and mobile-friendly layout gives your customers a great user experience and they can even purchase right from your online shop!

Using a website template for an ecommerce website can offer several benefits, including:

  1. Cost-effectiveness: Website templates are often much more affordable than hiring a web designer to create a custom website from scratch. This can be particularly beneficial for small businesses or startups with limited budgets.
  2. Time-saving: Using a website template can save time as it provides a ready-to-use framework that can be customized to meet specific business needs. This allows businesses to launch their ecommerce website much faster than building a custom website from scratch.
  3. Professional look and feel: Our Ecom Website template has been designed to have a polished and professional look with 1 on 1 support and expertise.  This is a much better option than choosing GoDaddy to throw up a site or trying to DIY when you do not have a web design background or expertise.
  4. Responsive design: Our website templates are designed to be mobile-friendly and responsive, which means that the website will automatically adjust to different screen sizes, including mobile and tablet devices.
  5. Customizable: Website templates offer a small degree of customization, allowing businesses to customize the look and feel of their ecommerce website to match their brand and unique needs.  This includes font choices, color schemes, and page selection.

Overall, using a website template can be an effective and cost-efficient way for businesses to launch an ecommerce website quickly while maintaining a professional and polished online presence.

Message From 34 North

Thank you for your interest in our template packages!  We are committed to the success of all of our website clients.  If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We will be happy to walk you through our development process.  Thanks!

Website Template Details & Rules

Please Read Before Making a Purchase

Our website package options are offered as a budget-friendly option for launching a website.  We are able to keep the cost low on our template options because these options follow a preset framework.  Our templates allow for slight customization options.  These customization options are outlined below.  If you need more customization than what is outlined below, please contact us to discuss as this will add to the cost of building your website.


  1. FONT: We allow you to choose a custom font for titles and paragraph text.  We recommend looking at Google Fonts to browse the font options available.
  2. COLOR SCHEME:  We allow you to choose a custom color scheme for your website.  We recommend 2-3 primary colors upon which to base your website’s color scheme. (EX: if you view the Ecom Demo, you will see a Burnt Orange Color, a Light Tan Color, and a Darker Tan Color used throughout the website.  You will also notice that these colors tie into the logo of the website.  It’s recommended to use the colors from your logo to tie in the rest of the website with your Brand.) You can use Adobe Color Wheel or another site to help you pick colors if you are having trouble.
  3. NAVIGATION: Our templates are pre-designed with certain pages.  While we can change the Title of a page or remove or add 1-2 widgets on each page, we will not entirely build a new page from scratch. (EX: If your template has a gallery page and you do not need a gallery page, we can remove that from the website) (EX2: If you want to change the gallery page into a customer testimonial page, then that would incur additional cost) (EX3: If you have 6 services you provide, but the template only has 4 services on that page, we will add an additional 2 service sections to accommodate your business.) (EX4: If you have 15 services you offer, and the template only has 4 services listed on that page, then you will need to consolidate your services or speak with us about adding development time to your build-out)
  4. CONTENT:  You are responsible for providing content for the website.  This means images and text for each page.  It is not required, but it is recommended to have at least 2-3 pictures per page and around 300 words per page. (Exceptions: Gallery Page and Contact page do not need 300 words per page)
  5. FAILURE TO PROVIDE:  These website templates are designed to be a quick launch project and will require work on the part of the website owner.  Ideally, these websites can be fully published within 1-2 weeks of purchase. For single page websites, we try to launch within days. After 4 months, if the site has not been published due to a lack of response and content provided by the website owner, then you will lose your deposit.  A new deposit will be required to restart this project.
  6. LANDING PAGE WEBSITES: Landing page websites are designed to fit the theme that you viewed and request on purchase.  Content can be added to our landing page websites, but you can expect an additional charge required up front if you wish to lengthen or add sections to the already established website theme.
  7. ECOMMERCE WEBSITES: With e-commerce comes a whole complicated list of backend settings that must be configured.  To keep our Ecom Templates budget-friendly, there are specific requirements to follow.
    1. PROCESSING:  We require all of our ecom templates to use Square, Stripe, or PayPal as a payment processor.  If we must connect to another processor, you can expect additional fees to be incurred.
    2. SHIPPING: Shipping rates vary greatly for different businesses depending on WxLxH and Weight.  We require users to set either a flat rate shipping fee or provide free shipping or local pickup as checkout options.  Calculated shipping plugins can be configured, but you will incur additional fees for this setup.
    3. PRODUCTS: We use WooCommerce as shop software on all of our website templates. The price shown includes up to 10 products being created.  We can provide tips and training videos on how to add your own products, or we will add additional products at an additional cost.
    4. COUPONS: We will create 1 coupon popup to be included with the purchase of the website template.
    5. EMAIL MARKETING: We can set up your website to collect email subscribers, but you will need a 3rd party provider to send out bulk emails to your subscribers.  We recommend MailChimp, Constant Contact, or MailPoet.  If you do not choose one of these services, then please check with us prior to paying for any subscriptions so that we may verify that it will integrate with your website.
    6. PRODUCT SPREADSHEET: In order to collect data for your products that will be added to the website, we will provide a Google Spreadsheet for your business to fill out.  This is required to complete product imports.  This will include things like a SKU#, Product Title, Product Description, LxWxH of the product, Product Categories & Tags, Etc… Please be prepared to fill out this document.
  8. TERMS & CONDITIONS:  A full list of our terms and conditions can be found HERE.